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On Course Info


All UTA course will be marked with red directional arrows on a white background '→', red crosses on white background 'X' and pink flagging tape. There will also be reflective tape on night-time sections.

There will be course markings at least every 500m and at every track junction. At all track junctions there will be an arrow indicating the direction of the route as well as confirmation pink flagging tape along the correct route. There will also be a cross on the tracks that you should not take. There will be a distance sign every 5km.


We encourage spectators to get out on course and support their runners!

Spectators can see runners at many points along the Ultra-Trail Australia by UTMB courses. We ask that you please respect private landowners and do not cross any private property. If spectating on course, please respect runners and support crews and do your best to spectate in a supportive, safe manner. Any on course spectating outside of supported checkpoints can only be moral support – no material or physical supporting is allowed.

For more helpful information please visit the Transport Services page and Spectators page.